CARITAS Vehicle Services 

Program Benefits 

Concierge Service

Personalized service that goes far beyond the delivery of the new vehicle...from delivery to renewal and everything in between.

Asset Managment

Reduce your fleet operating costs through comprehensive cost management and regular monitoring of expenses. Includes close, personal supervision of maintenance and repair costs. Extend vehicle life, improve resale values and save money...our programs actually pay for themselves.

Monthly Management Reports

You receive report summaries of all vehicle expenses including variable operating costs, fixed lease costs per vehicle, per mile, per month, averages and totals on your fleet.

Special Managment Reports

Custom reports on specific data can be developed for any vehicle data you would like to track

Exception Reporting

A monthly printout showing which vehicles are overdue for an oil change, which is the single most important preventative maintenance item.

Lifecycle Costing

No longer are decisions on when to acquire and when to dispose of vehicles a "guessing game." Our software applications make sure your fleet takes advantage of the "optimum replacement cycle" for each vehicle in your fleet, which reduces your fleet's operating cost.

Vehicle Acquistion

All vehicle types delivered anywhere in the United States through our network of fleet dealers.

Out-of-stock Vehicles

We can acquire any vehicle on a national basis for drivers that must have a vehicle immediately. 

Formula Pricing

Calculated on a cost-plus basis to provide consistent discounted fleet pricing.  And further savings through our Commercial Fleet buying power and factory fleet incentives. Extensive bank relationships provide highly competitive bank rates, and special financing programs for non-profit organizations.. 

Lease and Finance

Programs to fit your budget and the way your vehicle(s) are used to help make them more affordable.

New Vehicle Replacement Schedules and Selectors

 We supply a vehicle replacement schedule, based on your replacement policy and mail the Selectors directly to the drivers or coordinators.

Operating Manual and Special Instructions

Your drivers receive a packet with each new vehicle which includes cards, accident report forms, use of services instructions, special instructions for their lease or purchase, etc.

Administrative Services

We receive and record vehicle maintenance and repair data, repair order audits, cross reference orders/purchase receipts against authorized purchase orders for correct vehicle information

Maintenance and Repairs

For vehicles not located in our direct service area that can be economically maintained through our National Fleet Programs at over 10,000 service locations across the nation

Fuel Card Program

Provides not only centralized billing and control, but - in many instances - can provide a sales tax exemption on fuel purchases, which adds up to very substantial savings. 

Warranty Coverage

We assist you in handling all types of warranty claims. If you'd like the further comfort of extended warranty coverage, we'll arrange for that as well. Warranty service or normal maintenance we do it or get it done for you.

Used Vehicle Remarketing

Instead of group-selling at auctions, we look at every used car individually and work to get the highest resale price attainable. Vehicles can be re-sold through our national re-marketing channels, including national auction networks, and national and local wholesalers. We can also design programs for re-selling your vehicles within your organization.