CARITAS Vehicle Services

Our Mission is to Serve 

In 1994, Fleet Services started servicing its first Religious fleet client – Catholic Charities of Chicago. Upon working with Catholic Charities, Fleet Services saw a unique need within the communities of Catholic Congregations. Vehicle costs are typically the third largest expense of a community, behind real estate and health care. Vehicles are tools to aid Religious in working within their chosen ministries; however, the purchase and maintenance of vehicles are not the drivers’ or communities’ highest priority. Additionally, Religious communities often keep vehicles far beyond the time of a vehicle's optimum replacement cycle.  

As a result, Fleet Services formed a division specifically to meet the unique needs of the men and women religious, CARITAS Vehicle Services With our experience in developing tailored fleet management programs including fleet management software, managed maintenance services, life-cycle cost controls, and high standards of personalized care, we designed a fully integrated transportation solution for religious communities. 

At CARITAS, our greatest reward is the ability to contribute to the works and passionate efforts of the men and women religious. We are deeply moved by the compassion and unselfish attitude they bring towards their particular mission. We count ourselves fortunate that our clients think of us more as a partner, rather than a vendor, and we always strive to be deserving of this high level of trust.  

 It's our pledge to do everything in our power to ensure safety and reliability not only for the vehicles we provide, but also for the drivers and passengers. Our programs and services are not etched in stone. Rather, they are a work-in-progress that continuously improve as we learn more about our clients' individual preferences. Our commitment is to find new and better ways to assist clients whether it's through vehicle acquisition and disposal, managed maintenance, detailed fleet management reporting, or the implementation of a fuel card.  Here at CARITAS, we partner with clients to reduce the overall operating cost of your vehicles while providing your drivers with greater safety,  convenience, and overall peace-of-mind.