Vehicle Acquisition, Sales, and Order Processing

Save on Acquisition of Fleet Vehicles

Our Fleet team facilitates the entire vehicle acquisition process, ensuring timely and accurate ordering and delivery. We secure the best discounts and pricing available, and often discover additional "hidden" discounts for our clients. Our program's acquisition services include:

  • Strategic advice on your fleet's vehicle mix and total lifecycle cost
  • Coordinate vehicle requirements, driver needs and industry ordering cycles
  • Establish a selector list or dollar limit to streamline vehicle options to drivers 
  • Formula-based pricing for predictable and consistent acquisition costs
  • Leverage your fleet's buying power with Manufacturers
  • Negotiate with manufacturers on your behalf
  • Ensure EVERY vehicle receives all available discounts and rebates
  • Order status provided on regular basis
  • Delivery made to dealers that are local to drivers
  • Oversee initial Title and Registration process