Fleet Maintenance and Repair

The second highest vehicle expense

Our Managed Maintenance program is a proactive system designed to maintain the safe and consistent operation of your vehicles while monitoring economic efficiency. Our goal is to minimize downtime and keep your drivers on the road.

We provide: 

Single Source Accountability

We believe one person should be overseeing every aspect of your fleet. It is critical for the same individual to monitor both the maintenance history and the recycling future of a vehicle when making current repair decisions.

Vehicle Policy Development 

If your company does not currently have a written vehicle policy in place, FLEET can help to write and establish a policy for you.

Maintenance Control and Authorization

An ASE Certified repair specialist is contacted by the service vendor for authorization and consultation on any repair in excess of a set dollar limit, i.e., $50. The Technician reviews the history of the vehicle as well as the current proposed service for each and every service call. The cost of the repair is also reviewed for accuracy. The future of the vehicle is also taken into consideration when making a decision to repair. If the vehicle is flagged in the computer that a replacement is on order, perhaps not all of the work will be approved. The technicians are also well versed on warranty worthy work as well as current recalls. A post warranty recovery system flags potential claims for further investigation.

If the expense is approved, the Technician will issue a verbal purchase order directly to the facility.

Expert Recommendations on Repairs

FLEET will provide recommendations on service work performed. Since we handle vehicle maintenance all day every day, we can advise if it is practical to repair the vehicle taking into account the vehicles value compared to the cost of the work to be performed. Perhaps another repair facility might be better equipped to handle the problem; or perhaps the manufacturer should provide a “good will warranty” to alleviate some if not all of the cost.

Customer Authorization Preferences

Your company can set up a set dollar limits as to how much a driver can spend without prior approval as well as a dollar amount that someone at your company needs to be contacted for approval. For example many clients use $50 as the driver limit and $1000 as their limit for FLEET spending without approval. If however the expense is around $800, and this vehicle is 10 years old with 90,000 miles on it, we will call you anyway to explain your options and provide a recommendation on repairing or not. Your company is in complete control, you can set the limits as high or low as you need.

National Account Services  

A network of over 50,000 major maintenance and repair facilities all over the country are available for your drivers to utilize. Samples of these suppliers are: Firestone, Goodyear, Pep Boys, Jiffy Lube, AAMCO Transmissions, Meineke Mufflers, and many more. Service or unit prices have already been negotiated to provide you with volume pricing. Network providers are constantly being reviewed for additions or removal. 

Monthly Maintenance Processing

Vehicle expenses submitted by national accounts are audited to ensure the work and prices we approved is what is represented on the invoice. Copies of all work performed are computerized and available on-line by each vehicle. 

One Monthly Maintenance Invoice

All maintenance and repair work can be consolidated on one invoice to your company. You will not have to write a check to many different repair facilities all over the country. The monthly invoice will be broken down by vehicle and service work performed along with any other maintenance expenses incurred in that month. 

Comprehensive Reporting

There are a number of report types available to monitor the health of your vehicle portfolio. Since you would be partnering with FLEET Services, it will be up to us to monitor the reports on each individual vehicle to insure a properly managed fleet.

Without going into too much detail about each individual report, here are just a few: 

  • Vehicle Inventory Report - keeps an accurate account of the active vehicles in the fleet. The fields in this report are driver information, vehicle year make and model, in service date, current mileage, average monthly mileage, division/branch, forecasted replacement 
  • Replacement Schedule - focuses on the vehicles suggested to be replaced in the next year. This is a great tool used for budgeting purposes. 
  • Vehicle Maintenance Summary and Detail Reports per vehicle - The reports offer either a one-line summary of the total spent on maintenance for a given period; or an itemized detail of all maintenance performed. 
  • Oil Exception Report - identifies vehicles that are not compliant with your oil change parameters. 
  • Maintenance Cost - Avoidance illustrates areas where money was saved on behalf of your company 
  • Post Warranty Recovery - illustrates areas where the manufacturer provided financial assistance outside of the normal warranty.
  • These reports can be available in either hard or soft copy. Frequency is up to the client; they can be monthly, quarterly, or annually. The reports are available on the internet with the data being updated daily.

Oil Change Reminder E-mails

An email will be sent to drivers to indicate they are past due for an oil change. The parameters of exception and concern can be set by your company, but typically we recommend 3 months or 3000 miles. Oil changes are the most inexpensive form of insurance on a vehicle considering each time a Certified Mechanic is performing a 21 point inspection looking for indications of wear. 

Emergency Roadside Service

Drivers will have access to a 24/7/365 roadside assistance program via a toll free 800 number. Some services available are towing, flat tire repair, lockout service, jump starts and mechanical breakdown assistance.

Motor Vehicle Record Checks

Sometimes we find that drivers in remote areas may not have their driving history known. If the driver’s safety is in question, perhaps a record check could provide the answer. MVR’s offer background checks on driving history, tickets, etc.