CARITAS Vehicle Services Offers a Full Suite of Vehicle Management and Maintenance Solutions:

Vehicle Acquisition

We facilitate the entire vehicle acquisition process, ensuring timely and accurate ordering and delivery. We research and secure all available discounts, rebates and fleet pricing, saving clients thousands of dollars on each vehicle that's purchased or leased. 

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Vehicle Remarketing 

When it's time to remove a vehicle from your fleet and get it sold, our Remarketing experts manage the entire process from pick-up, transport, and reconditioning, to setting the target price and transfer of ownership. Our process will maximize your net return  and reduce turnaround time.

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Lifecycle Cost Analysis

Lifecycle Cost is the overall estimated cost for a particular vehicle, including the total costs for: Depreciation, Fuel, Maintenance, Repairs and Cost or Use of Money to acquire the vehicle over an estimated useful term, based upon mileage or age of vehicle.

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Vehicle Maintenance & Repair

Our Managed Maintenance program is a proactive system designed to maintain the safe and consistent operation of your vehicles while monitoring economic efficiency.

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